travel by electric bike

Countless people are acutely aware of daily commuting habits. It is not always a pleasure. Constantly looking at the clock in city traffic or on the platform can cause additional stress at the beginning of many days: "will I still be on time?" All these problems have a very simple solution: electric bicycles.

If you want to live in the country, commuting to work is not uncommon. In big cities, however, the distance within a few districts can lead to long commutes, and the workplace is rarely within reach. Living in a desirable location faces many dark and unpleasant sides to commuting. Seemingly endless traffic jams, delays, overcrowded train carriages, or just a desperate search for a good parking spot.

Remedies for Commute Stress

What can be overlooked in this calculus is that there are solutions to chaos. With an electric bike or pedelec, you can travel long distances without breaking a sweat thanks to the support of the motor. The only way to speed through traffic jams with an electric bike is to spend some brief time on the train (if you have one), and by the way, you're also doing something good for the environment by avoiding fuel and exhaust. . Take a closer look at the good reasons to travel by electric bike.

Why are electric bikes suitable for commuting?

The positive aspects of your own clothing and neuro environment are decisive, in addition to the points that commuting on an electric bike represents. The fewer cars clogging the roads and city centers each day, the better the air and the calmer the city. The result is less stress for residents and less environmental pollution. But in fact, electric bikes are also an alternative to cars.

Use e-bikes for more flexible commuting

Approximately 60% of workers in this country commute to work and need guaranteed mobility. If public transport is also more environmentally friendly than driving, then you have much less flexibility in taking the train; After all, public transport not only has to respect travel times, you also have to be at the station on time. Use pedelecs to ride your bike door-to-door and avoid the harrowing wait for buses and trains. Not even traffic jams can stop travelers on pedelecs. Unlock your electric bike, put on your helmet and start biking, independently and without stress. Fixed travel times don't have to bother you like traffic on the streets.

E-bike to work and home quickly

Depending on the length of a person's commute, an electric bicycle can complete a route faster than a car. Mountainous roads are no exception thanks to the electric motor. Countless commuters commute less than 25 kilometers to work and home. There is no need to face the fear of rush hour traffic on such a route if you get on an electric bike. Pedelecs easily match the speed of cars on routes of up to 10km in the city centre, and are often even faster! The electric motor regularly supports your pedaling power at speeds of up to 25 km/h. If you go for an electric EV, you can even hit 45 km/h without much trouble. There's also no more need to scramble to find a parking space, which, depending on the urban setting, can save a few minutes in the morning.

Save money and worry by riding an electric bike

Even without traffic jams, today's fuel prices can spoil the joy of riding. Compare gas station prices through an app or even take a detour to find the cheapest gas station in the area? Just delete the tank app from your smartphone and switch to your electric bike! Pedelecs aren't necessarily as cheap as regular bikes, but they aren't as expensive as a new car, and pumping some electricity to recharge an e-bike battery is a lot less expensive than worrying about increasing gas levels at the pump. made out of fuel. to watch The advantage of going fast without too much effort, compared to driving, coincides with significant money savings.