New iPad Service Provider Comparison

Are you ready for a new iPad? Before you go shopping and burning your provider, let's compare which service provider offers you the best price. Comparing the cost and features of the available plans will help you make an informed decision, since the 2 companies are not the same.

Do you want just Wi-Fi or 4G LTE? Your first consideration is how to connect your iPad. Of course, the Wi-Fi alone is $499 cheaper than the $629 Wi-Fi/LTE 4G. Where are you connecting to? Do you plan to only connect at home where Wi-Fi is available or at hotspots like Starbucks, or do you sometimes connect on the road without Wi-Fi? If you think you'll need to connect without Wi-Fi, get an iPad that supports 4G LTE. The convenience of being able to connect anywhere is worth the extra $130.

Not all data plans are the same. AT&T's cheapest data plan for the new iPad is just $15, but you only get 250MB of data. That's a paltry amount of data, and it may not even be enough for your email needs. AT&T's next data tier is 3 GB for $30. According to an article published by KT Bradford and gottabemobile, "The price for 4G data plans (billed monthly, no contract) is the same as the 3G price for both carriers. So if you buy the Verizon Wireless model, you can pay $20, 2GB @ $30, 5GB @ $50 and 10GB @ $80 for 1GB This is the same price as other tablets at the carrier, except the iPad has a special 1GB tier."< /p>

Want to use your new iPad? as a mobile hotspot? AT&T's new iPad only has a mobile hotspot included with its $50/month 5G data plan. However, according to 9to5mac, the mobile hotspot feature will not work with the AT&T 3rd generation iPad. Does that mean the iPad 2 has a mobile hotspot and the new iPad doesn't? It sounds strange. For Verizon, mobile hotspot is included with the tablet's data plan, so customers who subscribe to any data plan can also use the mobile hotspot feature.

Which service provider would you choose? For my money, I would go with Verizon. Verizon not only offers data and a mobile hotspot, but also has the best cell coverage in my rural area. But you decide and let us know. In the meantime, you might want some cool accessories once you get your hands on your new iPad. You can get a great iPad dock and really use the video capabilities. Since the new iPad supports Bluetooth, you may need a new Bluetooth headset for video calls.