Let’s go shopping for toddlers and babies.

As long as you know they will grow in six months to a year, it will motivate you to find nice used items or cheap basement items. Savvy moms will clip coupons, build in discount possibilities, and have them near the door when sale shelves are 50% off or more. A good winter coat can and should be purchased at a reduced price, along with shoes, boots, and at least one good toiletries each season. Kids can wear jeans and sweaters to school, but every once in a while they need to look fancy. Since it's likely to only last a season (or two), it's best to find a major department store with regular clearance sales.

Shoes are one thing you can't compromise on. Since everyone treads sidewalks a little differently, used shoes can only cause hardship on your growing child's feet. It's better to invest a little and get a good quality pair of shoes, even if you end up cutting corners on t-shirts, pants, sweaters, hats, etc.

You will need to buy underwear, socks, stockings, and long underwear. Sometimes there are great buy two get one free promotions so you can stock up. If you know your child loves blue and will be wearing a size 10 next year, buy it now. In the worst case scenario, you'll have a birthday present on hand to celebrate your friend's birthday. Most sales are in the off-season, so it's worth buying early if you can estimate that your kids will basically be a bit taller and wider next season.

Consider setting up a broadcast system with nearby mothers. The older child passes his clothes to the younger ones, and you return the favor. Many times this is an ideal solution. Nothing is wasted and money is saved. Most likely they have too many clothes to wear.

Basic baby supplies include strollers, toys, and learning toys designed to enhance concentration and learning. These are perfect for a goodwill or garage sale. You may need to grease the wheels and adjust the seat, wash the fabric back in the washing machine. At least you won't be nervous about the money you've invested when you get watered over it.

If you used teddy bears and other stuffed animals, put them in the dishwasher. They will be sterilized and ready for nose contact, with no risk of transmitting germs or infection from the first child.

Children's things are transitory. Like a revolving door, clothes and shoes go in and out, and it's only with puberty that the cycle begins to slow down. Even then, the same rules apply. Invest in shoes, buy discount coats and jeans, and wear what you stream whenever possible. For the most part, they are barely used and can help you through a season of your daily wardrobe needs.