How to Properly Wear and Care for Wigs

In the following paragraphs, I'll cover some tips for properly wearing and caring for your wig. I hope this helps.

Wear a wig:

In most cases, you should put on a hairnet before wearing a wig, and the effect will be much better.

(1) Wrap the entire snood around the neck

(2) Use an elastic band on the snood to hold the bun, and the result is a real human hair snood< /p >

(3) Wrap all the real hair in the snood and rub the hair with both hands regularly. Also trim the cuffs with black clips to prevent hair from falling out.

(4) Gently stroke the real hair while looking in the mirror so that it fits well and the shape of the head is smooth. Due to the tension of the edge of the hair net, please use clips to fix it at the same time to prevent the hair net from falling off.

Since the wig is packaged directly after production, its hair is freshly made. Do the follow-up operation to make the hair fluffy before using it.

Hair Care for Wigs

  1. Proper Wig Care

Short and Children's Wigs: Contains groomed areas. Flip the wig up and down, and comb the ends of the top of your hair back if you want more volume.

Long hair: Hold the wig in your hand and shake it gently when you open the package.

Straight hair: Start with low hair.

Curly hair: Don't use a comb, just use your fingers to gently roll your hair when you shake it out.

The first time you take good care of your wig, some small hairs will fall out. This may be a normal phenomenon.

  1. After taking good care of your wig
    , adjust the elastic inside the hairnet to the last position, then put it on and sit it down. You can adjust the buckle to a suitable position before putting on the wig. When putting on the wig, adjust the padding from the tailgate to the cockpit around the ears to ensure the wig will work properly.

  2. Use your hands to pull the bangs from the back of the head to the neck, near the end of the hair.

  3. Update after putting on the wig.

  4. Long hair: Leave some hair in the front, back, and sides to help the wig look natural. Style straight hair, but not curly. For short hair, comb the hair with a professional comb and detangle the hair with your hands. It doesn't matter.

For front bangs: easy to keep close to the eyebrow when used for the first time. Please poke the center with your finger. After a few days, it can lighten and look natural.

Cleaning Wigs

  1. Wigs are difficult to wash. If you wear it regularly, you need to wash it 1-2 times a month, only once every six months. Treat the hair before washing it. (comb for straight hair, fingers for curly hair)

  2. Put the wig into the mild water of ordinary shampoo and soak for ten minutes, rub the hair gently, though not the hair. Don't forget to keep your movements light and not hard. Please do not soak the wig in water for a long time, otherwise the hair will fall off easily.

  3. Wash the wig well, then place it in mild water suitable for the condition of your hair for five minutes and wash again.

  4. Place the cleaned wig on a professional stand, dry it with a dry towel, and place it in a ventilated place,

  5. < p> When is 80% dry, condition hair by hand and use a steel tooth comb to help detangle.

Spray a suitable no-clean hair conditioner and wait until completely dry to create a good internal feel and color in the wig.