get in your shape

What is Drape Your Shape?

Wrap Your Shape is a custom design styling service where you can browse a wide range of clothing or apparel with links to clothing shopping websites. Each piece is designed by a personal stylist to fit your specific body type. Each piece of clothing is thoroughly researched and must fall into different categories to be selected: 1. It must fit a specific body shape (apple, hourglass, inverted triangle, pear or rectangle), it must be fully evaluated by customers, so that it limits your profit 3. It must be elegant! 4. It has to be properly priced, which means that for what you get, you're getting it at a reasonable cost.

How to start?

First, let's find out what your body shape is by going to the page What is my body shape? Then go to the "Shop" page and select your body type. There you will find a number of outfits specifically chosen by fashion stylists to suit your body type. Basically, click on a piece of clothing/accessory that you like and the website link will take you to where you can purchase that item.

How do we diversify
our competitors?

Our competitors send you clearance clothing that no longer fits the style or is of poor quality. We choose for you the clothes that are in the store right now that fit your specific body type. It looks amazing with acceptable quality and pattern. We don't send you anything! You've seen all the outfits and bought the looks you need!

How does registration work?

You can pay $30 per month to manage and buy anytime or annually for $250. The sheets are constantly updated with new content for your body type, based on the latest patterns.