Does the Jupiter Jack adapter really work with any phone?

Jupiter Jack hands-free car systems have been around for a while. The site's claims are huge and many think it's too good to be true. The diminutive device claims to work with any cell phone and any vehicle with an FM radio – just about any. So how can you make such a claim when we all know that different phones can add different vehicles? The thing is, when you send them an order for the Jupiter Jack, they send you a variety of adapters that help adapt the little device to any use of the phone. But do these adapters really allow the device to work with any phone, in any car?

How does it work?

It's easy to see how the Jupiter Jack is compatible with all vehicles. After all, when was the last time you saw a car without an FM radio signal attached? Every vehicle on the market has at least one radio, if not more, so it's safe to say that the Jupiter Jack can be easily attached to any vehicle, but what about your phone? Use the phone's headphone jack to stream calls over the FM radio to your car's speakers. If you've ever looked at two phones side by side, you've probably noticed how different the ports are for connecting headphones. Many cell phone companies want you to buy their dedicated headset for your phone, creating a unique plug related to their brand. Fortunately, the Jupiter Jack Adapter can overcome this hurdle by making an adapter that will fit almost any phone. Using these little adapters is as simple as finding and plugging in your phone's packaging, then plugging the Jupiter connector into the adapter.

Jupiter Jack Adapters

The unit comes with six different Jupiter Jack adapters that should fit most styles of phone. If there isn't a phone that fits your particular model, you can simply contact the carrier and let them know your phone model. They will then quickly send you an adapter that will fit your phone. However, this is unlikely to be necessary as the six they come with will handle most situations with ease. The best part is that you can save the adapters you don't need in case you change phones in the future and need a different adapter.

Customer Testimonials

So what do customers think of these adapters? Are they easy to use, or a pain? Having a hard time finding headphones that fit your phone? Or is it usually simple?

"I bought this for my husband's mp3 player because he's often on the road and has to use headphones. It comes with a ton of accessories and I had no trouble finding one that would work."

- Wrightbythesea by

As you can see, this customer found it easy to find the right accessories


Using numerous Jupiter One of Jack adapters make this product one of the most versatile. If you want to be able to legally use your mobile phone in the car, or if you want to use an mp3 player with this device, all you need is the right adapter.