Discount Golf Shoes: Adidas Vs. Which Nike golf shoes are best?

As consumers, we want to know the best products on the market. What will bring us the greatest benefit? What products are cheap? What works best for us as long as it suits our particular taste or style? Here I am going to list facts about two of the best golf shoe manufacturers. Adidas versus Nike. This looks almost like the fight of the century.

Nike and Adidas have been around for a long time. Both manufacturers offer high-end products of the highest quality. Sometimes the prices are a little higher than other competitors, but when you buy Nike or Adidas, you know you're buying a brand you can trust. What it boils down to is basically personal preference. Do you like the Nike logo? Or do you prefer the Adidas three-line logo?

Nike offers stylish, high-quality products. You can choose golf shoes with a classic insole design, the Nike Zoom, or the more modern design, the Nike Dunks. Whatever your choice, whatever your style, you can be sure that you are buying a high-quality designer product. Most of the golf shoes in the 2012 Nike collection are made from 100% genuine leather, making golf shoes durable. Nike also offers waterproof shoes with a waterproof guarantee.

What about Adidas? Adidas also has the latest designs for golfers of any generation. Modern design, trusted brand, good quality and well made. That sounds a lot like Nike, doesn't it? Adidas is also on the market with a waterproof product that will keep your feet dry and comfortable no matter how long you spend on the golf course, and it also comes with a warranty.

Now I know you want to know what the difference is between the two. First let's see the price. Let's see if you can separate the two at the register.

Both Nike and Adidas have more classic looking shoes, so let's take a look at both and see where the price differences lie between them. Nike has the Nike Zoom Advanced, a very nice shoe with everything Nike has to offer. The price of the Nike Zoom is $199.00. It's not bad when we buy golf shoes, but it's still expensive. Now let's look at the price of adidas adiPURE Z, these shoes are very challenging, your friends will know that you wear a pair of adiPURE Z to play golf, but the price. That's a whopping $50.00 more than its Nike counterpart, at a whopping $249.00. That's a lot of money for a good pair of golf shoes.

It looks like Nike has the win in the modern category, now let's compare the one-piece cleats offered by the two brands. The first is Adidas adiCROSS. adiCROSS is stylish and available in a variety of colors to suit anyone's style needs. But what about the price. For $87.00, you can own a pair of these shoes and look stylish anywhere, not just on the golf course. Not bad, right? What about Nike? Nike offers the Air range. It's more colorful and less attractive in my opinion, but that's just my opinion, regardless of price. A pair of Nike Air Range with integrated golf shoes is $99.00. Not bad, although not as good as Adidas.

Now that we've looked at pricing and know that they offer the same technology across their entire shoe line, let's talk about variety. Nike has a wider selection of styles, but Adidas offers more colorway options for each specific style. It's a raffle. It's really all about personal opinion.

Here, folks, is a brief comparison of the two golf shoe brands. The choice is yours, view the images you just searched for online and find your favorite pair of golf shoes at a discounted price. I hope I can help you, thank you.