Dell Online Shopping Guide

One of the best places to buy computers, laptops, and other related accessories is Dell Inc.'s online store. The company dates back to 1984 when Michael Dell was a student at the University of Texas at Austin. At first, the company focused on making IBM-compatible PCs. Dale was so determined that he eventually dropped out of school to focus on becoming a force to be reckoned with throughout the world. Since building its first computer in 1985, the company has been working on new technologies and innovations to provide products that meet your needs for the 21st century computer market.

It's also a household name, evident in its expanding brand. The brands fall into two broad categories, Dell Home Office or Consumer and Business or Enterprise. Dell's home office series focuses primarily on performance, value, and scalability, while the enterprise class emphasizes reliability, maintainability, and lifecycle. Some of the products you'll find at the Dell Store include:

In keeping with its vision of providing quality equipment with the latest technology, Dell has discontinued many products, including PDAs, MP3 players and desktop computers. Dell works hard to ensure that their products reach their intended market, so they give potential customers the option to buy online, which is also a growing trend today.

The site supports customer reviews of different products, which can also help you decide before you buy

Perhaps what makes the Dell shopping experience even better is that the company pays for all laptop and desktop computer purchases. offer free shipping. Even so, other accessories and electronics are at least $49 shipping. This fee may increase depending on the number of items purchased.