Characteristics of the BOB Revolution SE 2012

The BOB Revolution SE is a stroller designed for parents on the go. You may want to go hiking or have a passion for jogging. For just about every stroller need, BOB claims to have you covered. Below we'll go over some of the features of the BOB Revolution SE so you can learn more and decide if it's right for you.


One of the main features of a Revolution SE is the swivel front wheels. Since there is only one front wheel, you can turn the entire stroller. This is excellent for tight turns and is useful when wider turns are not possible in public, such as when shopping.

The shock absorption feature allows your child to enjoy a very smooth ride. Most strollers do not have suspension, so every bump in the road is transferred to the child riding in it.

The under-stroller cargo basket allows you to carry groceries, baby supplies, bottles, diapers, and just about anything else you might need while in and out of the stroller.

Internal storage pockets let you bring snacks and toys for your child on the go

What customers think

Find out if a particular stroller is from quality The best way to be good is to read the reviews that other customers have written about it. So what are customers saying about the BOB Revolution SE stroller?

"I love the BOB Revolution SE stroller. The stroller comes in this big box, but it only took about 15 minutes to put it together. It was just a matter of putting the wheels on. So easy! I'm 4 month of age he seems very comfortable in it. I live on a farm and he moves around the yard and barn with almost no pushing."

- Melinda from

Reviews like this show So if you're interested in something that's high-quality and easy to use, then this stroller is definitely something you should look into further.


Obviously, the BOB Revolution SE is the best choice for anyone looking for a stroller option that will get them from point A in style, safety and comfort Road to point A. B. If you are interested in buying BOB, just check the official website.