Barnett’s Predator Crossbow Buying Guide

The Barnett Predator can shoot arrows at 375 fps. Any time you use a crossbow of this power, you'll want to make sure you're taking your clinical shots from a safe archery range, not a foam target.

Once you see the range, it's time to confirm the accuracy of the crossbow. From 30 meters away, your arrows are very accurate. When venturing out to 50 yards, it's obvious that you'd expect a drastic drop in accuracy, however, surprisingly, you realize that even from that distance, the arrow can still end up with consistent accuracy.

However, its actual effect will fluctuate slightly depending on weather conditions and will vary greatly with the weight of the arrow.

Hunting: anything you can think of

Power, close to 375+ fps. Since this crossbow does not include a padded sling, it would be wise to get a padded sling; Carrying this crossbow all over the bush will save you a lot of hassle.

While looking for a predator with some of my hunting friends, I came across a bull that almost begged me to give it a real try. I aimed at the creature, thirty meters to the side. Here, the arrow clearly pierced through his muscles and bones. On close selection, the arrow hits the prey with such a high current that it can barely move for the next 25 meters before falling.

Now, let's ask ourselves a question that is often asked in Barnett Predator reviews: How much kinetic energy does the Barnett Predator generate? This usually means that the arrow will hit the target with about 122 foot-pounds. The kinetic energy is powerful enough to take down the toughest buffalo or grizzly bear. For each lawn of a blank variety. This gives it enough power to take down any movement it encounters in the North American forests.

Loading Barnett's Predator: Will it be easy?

Many of these versions come without a charging unit and you want to receive them separately. However, if you're spending that much on crossbows, it's really worth spending the extra money on a crank;

The crank can be easily mounted on the bottom of the stock, you only need to unscrew two screws to prepare the unit. It works very well and includes click and no click layouts, depending on your taste and the ability to draw series.

Drawing this version by hand can present a real challenge for the strongman, coming in at 175lbs, exactly the same as when running all Carbon Express Intercept Axon Crosses. It comes with a wind-up cocking mechanism, but can be easily and easily retracted in just a few seconds.

Most likely, you'll need to make some small changes to get it ready to shoot. The scope is still aiming fairly faithfully, which means you only have to aim after one season.


Barnett uses 3 400 grain 22" arrows to send out the Predator, but these arrows are low aluminum and bend very easily. So we recommend getting your own Easton Carbon Raider Platinum card Arrows, you'll love watching Barnett Predator handle them.

Layout and Safety

Bow weighs 9 pounds and is 2 feet wide by 37.75 inches long. Put on the padded sling and you'll be able to use your bow for many hours without much pain or discomfort.

The trigger weighs only 3.5 lbs and is easy to pull back.

The only bad thing about the Barnett's cross is the series that comes with it.For some strange reason, the Barnett's cross tends to break the threads very quickly.After taking a dozen or so pictures, you will notice that the series is wearing out. Even so, it is still possible to contact Barnett for a direct replacement.As we have seen in our previous experience, Barnett will send you a set replacement quickly and will cost you nothing for your new set.

All of Barnett's crossbows carry a 5-year warranty, which also covers the stock, trigger mechanism and limb collection, but it does not cover failures in series or failures due to abuse. Namely, after we complained about string failures shortly after purchase, Barnett very forgiving earlier. Knowing that their crossbows break the strings, they go to great lengths to make their customers happy with their service.

The initial choice for most crossbow hunters is the Barnett Case (Model 17083). $53. Both can be found to mount your crossbow.

Of course, this crossbow is a well-made crossbow, a perfect blend of strength and beauty that will back you for years of support. For more information on the other most popular crossbows currently on the market, please visit our home page. this crossbow until it flies off the rack!