A Guide to Getting Shampoo and Conditioner for Synthetic Wigs

When it comes to proper wig care, the items and merchandise you use should be the right products that will protect and enhance your wig. As long as your artificial wig is properly cared for, it will definitely last longer. Shampoo and conditioner are one of the essential products that affect the feel of a wig and really need to be taken seriously.

  1. Think about the material of the wig. When choosing the best shampoo and conditioner for your wig, you should consider the type of material the wig is made of. In the case of synthetic hair, you have to be very careful because they are made of fibers. This component can be damaged if washed with the wrong shampoo and conditioner.

  2. Choose gentle products. In addition to the material of the hair, it is also wise to see if the shampoo and conditioner are gentle enough for the wig. Some people use baby shampoo to help soften the wig. The type of hair products you use can have a big impact on how your wig will look and how long it will last.

  3. Choose alcohol-free products. Factors to consider include the alcohol content in shampoos and conditioners. Since hair is made of synthetic fibers, choose something that doesn't contain excess alcohol. Less alcohol content means the wig can be more protected.

  4. Shampoos and conditioners should contain plants and plant extracts. These substances are less dangerous and gentler around wigs. Also, make sure your shampoo and conditioner contain moisturizing ingredients that will keep your wig soft and smooth.

Pros of Synthetic Wig Shampoo and Conditioner

A big mistake many people make when maintaining synthetic wigs is using regular shampoo. For those who use fake hair, this means that if you use regular shampoo, you are actually washing light fabrics with an oil-removing detergent.

Benefits are listed here. You'll use
a shampoo and conditioner specially designed for artificial wigs:

Wig shampoo removes airborne dirt that synthetic hair can accumulate.

The conditioner used on the artificial wig keeps it soft and sleek and gives it a touch of perfume.

Protects against irritation and discomfort caused by dust and accumulated dirt.

Your wig will definitely last you a while

How to wash your wig with wig shampoo and conditioner

The hold of synthetic hair depends on how often you wear it. If you wear your wig every day, wash it every three days.

  1. Before washing the wig, untangle it with a comb. Make sure that the type of comb you are using is indeed a wide tooth comb.

  2. Gently comb through the wig, being careful to detangle it. Do not pull on the fiber under almost any circumstances. Remember, it is made of synthetic fibers, so be very gentle with children and smooth it out. Finally, the synthetic hair is detangled and the wig is washed.

To do this correctly, fill a bowl with cold water. Make sure not to use warm water when washing your wig, as the heat can damage the fibers. Mix a bottle of shampoo in a bowl of cold water. Submerge the wig in water and allow it to soak for a few minutes.

  1. Next, if you take the wig out of the cold water and place it in another bowl of cold water to remove the shampoo, rinse it out. If you do this, do not pinch the wig. . After rinsing the wig, apply a generous amount of conditioner directly to the wig to condition.

4. Apply the conditioner from the roots to the ends. Leave the conditioner in the wig for four to five minutes. Subsequently, soak the hair in cold water and rinse again. Place the wig in the center of a folded towel and pat dry.

  1. If you do this, don't wring, rub, or squeeze the synthetic hair as you dry it. Remove wig from towel, comb and towel dry hair. To do this, gently shake out the rest of the wig to restore its style. You can also use a wig comb or just lightly comb it with your fingers.

  2. Place the wig on the collapsible wig stand. If you don't have this, you should use the mouth area of a large vase or jar and let it dry naturally there. It is essential that you allow it to dry naturally, never with a hair dryer. The heat from the dryer can cause synthetic fibers to break.

Bottom Line:

More and more artists are wearing wigs for many reasons, be it cosmetic or medical. And, synthetic wigs are actually a less expensive alternative to medical hair restoration treatments. More and more people can wear wigs in the future. Therefore, it is essential to properly care for your wig with the right shampoo and conditioner. This ensures that your synthetic wig stays healthy, and the technology doesn't just extend your life.